Turkish Language (TOMER)

Study Turkish Language (TÖMER) in our various prestigious partner universities and accredited learning centers in Turkey.
Learning Turkish Language can prove to be advantageous in so many ways like; being able to communicate easily with the Turkish locals, getting employed easily, easy access to health care and getting scholarships into studying in a state owned Turkish University.
After learning TÖMER, students can apply to Turkish State Universities with TÖMER Turkish Proficiency Certificate.

The Turkish TÖMER certificate shows proficiency in Turkish language.
Turkish Language education (TÖMER) consists of 5 levels from A1 to C1, for a duration of one year, with an exam to acquire the proficiency certificate at the end of the program.

According to the University and departments, the level of Turkish language proficiency may vary during prospective student application.

For example; C1 is required for departments such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. B1-B2 certification may be sufficient for some engineering departments. For master’s and doctorate programs, at least B2 level is required to know and understand Turkish.